How to learn Digital Marketing?

The most common question from who interested to learn DM as a beginner and where to start now?

There are two ways to learn digital marketing. it depends on your requirements, some resources, and needs. both two ways are different.

  • Learn With Experts
  • Self Learning – a perfect choice to who become an expert. ?

Learn with Experts

First, the self-learning is appealing to you. because you don’t like to invest money.

As a digital marketing expert, he gives you practical knowledge in what is working or not. they give training based on present marketing imaginations.

However, You would easily connect with the relevant topic. if decide to learn digital marketing must go with leading institutes.

Self Learning

You can do self-learning by your own but need a little bit of time have lot’s have hard work with dedication.

Here I’m showing you all proceeds how I become certified digital marketing master by self-learning.

Google courses

Google provided free DM courses with certifications. they cover all tactics involved in digital marketing such as SEO (Analytics, Webmasters, Local SEO with My business etc.), SEM (Google Ads, Display, Search, Mobile advertising and so on).

Here what I follow Google’s blogs and courses;

  • Google Ad Grants (Google Online Marketing Challenge)
  • Google Digital Unlocked
  • Google Academy Ads
  • Google Analytics Academy

WordStream PPC

Free online PPC training for beginners to advanced when you try that at practical learning. it’s very helpful to grow up your PPC skills. they cover all modules in Pay-Per-Click.

Free Courses

There are lots of free courses found online. but these are just beginning skills there is not much idea in advanced. however, these will help you build your DM career.

just go for it and search free digital marketing courses.

  • Moz SEO Training
  • Udemy free DM courses
  • Edx free DM courses


Digital Marketing is a daily ever-changing skill. however, you need to update skills by sharp. it’s easy to do simply follow some of the famous digital marketer blogs.

  • Neil Patel Blog
  • Backlinko Blog
  • Moz Blog
  • Hubspot Blog
  • Kissmetrics Blog
  • Ahrefs Blog
  • SemRush Blog, and so on

Videos and Podcasts

Videos are good for learning DM also podcasts too. Videos can show a practical vision of what is good or bad. there are lots of videos found in YouTube simply search for it.

Podcasts can listen to where you are. you can listen to while you are on a journey. SoundCloud is best for podcasting tutorials.

SEO / SEM & other Tools

The tools can help you with business sides (such as find a competitor of your business), finding SEO scores, backlinks, CRM sales, and marketing tools and so on.

There are lot’s of internet tools software provides courses with certifications

  • Semrush
  • Hubspot
  • Facebook blueprint etc.

Community Forums

Forums will help you in if you’re facing any error while you learn DM. the people will give solution how to rectify that and also you’ll learn more from theirs. The most popular forums for learning Quora, Facebook groups and so on.

Practical Learning

Practical learning is very imported when it comes to digital marketing master. however, you need to spend a little bit amount for your career.

This step involves in make your own blog, spend money on Google Ads, Social Media Marketing. the exact money you need to spend online;

  • Make your own blog – $100 / 1-year with unlimited website hosting recommended for beginners – Bluehost or Hostgator gives free domain for 1-year. INR,7000
  • Google Ads – $10 – INR,700
  • Facebook – $10 – INR,700
  • Twitter – $10 – INR,700
  • Instagram – $10 – INR,700 (optional when you run ads on FB)
  • LinkedIn – $10 – INR,700

The total cost will appeal you for one year $140 – INR,10,000 / 1-year. You can also show all these efforts into your job profiles. however, you can easily get a job.

So, that’s all about my self-learning journey. I hope this will help you for role modeling for your digital marketing career journey. anything else feels free to ask in the comment section.